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Laos background introduction

Mysterious Laos

The last pure land forgotten by giants

There is a secret kingdom,

It is adjacent to China, like a paradise;

Its folk customs are simple and simple, and it is a place where graceful laziness becomes a kind of temperament;

It is the capital of Buddha for a thousand years. After being colonized for more than half a century, it has left the romance and etiquette of France!

There is no hustle and bustle of crowds, no concrete concrete forests,

There is no highway with no cars, no hustle and bustle of urban life;

There are only idyllic paintings composed of verdant green rice fields and friendly and simple villagers, and only a leisurely and contented slow life;

All you see here are beautiful scenery, but the crowds are invisible. There are few faces of Chinese people, but it is the favorite backpacking destination for Europeans and Americans!

This is Laos!


Landlocked countries in Southeast Asia

One of the lowest commercial development countries in the world

One Belt One Road Key Countries

2021 year Kunming ——Vientiane Passenger-Yuan Railway Opens to Traffic in Laos


Location advantages of the National Garden:

Located in the capital Vientiane, the political, cultural, economic and trade center;

The urban area is separated from Thailand by a river, and customs clearance is convenient;

Dozens of direct routes to China and internationally;

The park is about an hour's drive from the urban area;

About 30 minutes from Vientiane Station of China-Laos High Speed Railway.



Champa Flower (Frangipani) is the national flower of Laos and has a very high ornamental value. Its flowers can extract flavors for the manufacture of high-end cosmetics, soaps and food additives. Zhanba flowers can be used as tea after being air-dried, which can clear away heat, relieve heat, moisturize the lungs and moisturize the throat, and can also treat throat pain and other diseases. In Guangdong, the white Zamba flowers are often dried to make herbal tea beverages, which are very popular.


The Grand Laos Champa

The Lao National Garden is located in the capital of Laos. In addition to the traditional attractions, Vientiane City has its own characteristics. Guohuayuan is a large-scale base in Asia for artificial cultivation of Zhanba flowers (frangipani) in GAP mode, and it is also the designated strategic partner of China Wanglaoji and Guangyao Group. The park covers an area of 4,300 acres. The usable area is the national flower, and it integrates "flower appreciation, beautiful scenery, ecological meals, countryside hotels, parent-child theme, all-terrain buggy + outdoor activities, photography hobbies" as an ecological tourism park. Develop a series of organic skin care and specialty products based on the particularity of Zhanba flowers. The flower garden of Champa is unique and is strongly supported by the Lao country. With its geographic axis as the axis, it forms a natural environment with nearby scenic spots such as Wat Phra Kaew, low-altitude flight training ground, Nam'os River waterfalls, and Dasai Waterfall in the National Primeval Forest Reserve. Mysterious tourism circle, watch the flowers blooming and sunset, and feel the pure scenery of Laos from the heart.


Attractions around the National Garden:

Wat Phnom Buddha Temple: adjacent to the National Garden

Hidden in the village of worship, the golden wall is brilliant,

Foreign tourists often come to worship.

The largest Golden Buddha in Vientiane is now under construction, 50 meters equivalent to a 16-story building.


Airplane club:

Personally fly a small plane in the blue sky, and experience various low-altitude events such as fixed-wing aircraft, biplanes, helicopters, paragliders, and thermal balloons.


Dasai falls:

Located in the Laos National Forest Reserve, unique volcanic rock scenery, beautiful scenery and few tourists 


Organic vegetable planting base


Unique volcanic landform


Wangluan Creek Valley

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Golden Frangipani


THE GRAND LAOS CHAMPA is located in the capital of Laos. In addition to traditional places of interest, Vientiane is the most distinctive of THE GRAND LAOS CHAMPA.

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